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  Product Catalog: Cisco: Security: Network Security: Integrated Threat Control  
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Cisco IOS Network Foundation Protection (NFP) (Cisco)

Connecting to the Internet is essential for many organizations, but it exposes the network infrastructure to a myriad of threats and risks. It is critical to secure the network foundation by protecting network elements and their communications. Cisco Network Foundation Protection (NFP) combines a number of security features and techniques to secure routers themselves, helping to ensure the availability of the network even when it is under attack.

Part of the Cisco IOS Integrated Threat Control framework, Cisco NFP provides infrastructure protection with a series of IOS features designed specifically to protect the device control plane by "locking down" services and routing protocols; the device data plane from malicious traffic; and the device management plane.

  • Protects critical network infrastructure -- Controls the risk incurred from interconnected global networks
  • Maintains service delivery -- Provides device-level protection to ensure availability and performance
  • Provides defense-in depth -- Includes the tools, technologies, and services to provide a methodical approach to securing your network foundation

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