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Cisco NAC Appliance (Clean Access) (Cisco)

With Cisco NAC Appliance (formerly Cisco Clean Access), use your organization's network infrastructure to enforce security policy compliance on all devices that attempt to gain access. Best of all, this Network Admission Control (NAC) product is easy to deploy.

Your network administrators can use the Cisco NAC Appliance to authenticate, authorize, evaluate, and remediate wired, wireless, and remote users before they can access the network.

With Cisco NAC Appliance, you can:

  • Recognize users, their devices, and their roles in the network
  • Evaluate whether machines are compliant with security policies
  • Enforce security policies by blocking, isolating, and repairing noncompliant machines
  • Provide easy and secure guest access
  • Simplify non-authenticating device access
  • Audit and report whom is on the network

The Cisco Network Admission Control System, composed of the Cisco NAC Manager and Server, is a policy component of the Cisco TrustSec solution. You can deploy this system as an overlay solution for accounts requiring network authentication, role-based access control, and posture assessment.

Cisco NAC Appliance extends NAC to all network access methods, including access through LANs, remote-access gateways, and wireless access points. It also supports posture assessment for guest users. You can combine Cisco NAC with Cisco NAC Guest Server and Cisco NAC Profiler for additional features.

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