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Cisco Prime Central (Cisco)

Experience the power of centralized management using Cisco PrimeTM Central. This product provides a secure, common interface to all components of the Cisco Prime Carrier Management suite - a comprehensive, end-to-end management solution for today's complex multidomain networks. By tightly integrating the domain managers and service lifecycle management applications, Cisco Prime Central helps operators seamlessly and efficiently execute service lifecycle tasks-including design, fulfillment, assurance and analysis.

Features and Benefits

Cisco Prime Central offers the following features:

  • Out-of-the-box integration with components of the Cisco Prime Carrier Management suite
  • Single sign-on access to integrated, cross-domain operator workflows with point and click provisioning, troubleshooting and performance analysis
  • Secure administrative access, management and control
  • Automatic failover for local hardware and software faults
  • Support for standards-based northbound interfaces and integration "probes"

You also get the following benefits:

  • Operational value by redirecting assets for OpEx to strategy and planning for new revenue streams
  • Increased business efficiencies through workflow consistencies
  • Enhanced business continuity through operational redundancy
  • Reduced overhead and time for integration with BSSs/OSSs and other third-party products
  • Lower costs through implementation flexibility

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