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  Product Catalog: Cisco: Cloud and Systems Management: Collaboration and Unified Communications Management  
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Cisco Hosted Collaboration Mediation (Cisco)

Cisco Hosted Collaboration Mediation is part of the management bundle of Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution. Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution is the architecture that delivers Unified Communications and Collaboration as a hosted service.

View Alarms from Domain Managers

With Cisco Hosted Collaboration Mediation, network operations center (NOC) operators use a single dashboard to monitor aggregated alarms from underlying domain managers. Domain managers' fault counts appear by customer and severity level. The operators can use the dashboard to cross-launch into the domain manager and get detailed information on the fault.

Benefits: Respond More Quickly

The Hosted Collaboration Mediation dashboard contains these features to help the NOC operator:

  • Alarm summary portlet: View consolidated alarm summary by customer and alarm summary by domain manager.
  • Phone summary portlet: See the number of phones that each customer has configured, registered, and unregistered.
  • Cross-launch: Use single sign-on to cross-launch contextually into customer's domain manager and respond to alarms.

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