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Physical Security Services (Cisco)
Leverage the power of the network to transform safety and security incident management – reduce response times, simplify operations and reduce costs. 

“In an environment of increasing threats, organizations must empower employees with tools to deliver the right information, quickly at the point of need to protect people and critical assets. Cisco’s Open Platform for Safety and Security breaks down technology barriers enabling a common operational view across multiple solutions. This improves decision and response times and increases the effectiveness of emergency operations teams without furthering the load on current personnel.”
—Bruce Klein, SVP, Cisco

With a comprehensive portfolio of services that span the entire lifecycle, from planning to building and running your solutions, Cisco is the only independent advisor that has the experience and partner ecosystem needed to take you from evaluation to fully realized and optimized safety and security transformation. 

Plan Services
Begin building an effective physical safety and security solution by discovering your solution requirements, building a flexible design, and addressing critical gaps in the technical and operational aspects of your network. 

Cisco Physical Safety and Security Site Assessment Service
  • Threat and Target Analysis
  • Safety and Security Program Evaluation
  • Vulnerabilities Assessment and Recommendations

Cisco Physical Safety and Security Solution Definition Service 

  • Business Alignment
  • Future State Architecture
  • Gap Assessment
  • Transition Roadmap
  • Solution Definition
  • Current State Assessment

Build Services
The Cisco Physical Safety and Security solution scales effectively from securing small office buildings to providing city-wide emergency response for corporate campuses, hotels, schools, critical infrastructure sites, transportation facilities including airports, and cities. The build phase of a Physical Safety and Security solution is supported by design and deployment services. 

Run Services
Effectively manage your Cisco Physical Safety and Security solution and control operational costs after deployment with technical services.\

  • Base Operate
    • Solution Triage
    • Break fix support for HW/SW
  • Silver Operate (Base Operate Plus)
    • Solution Infrastructure Remote Monitoring & Management
    • Operations Team Mentoring
    • Solution Optimization
  • Gold Operate (Silver Operate Plus)
    • Outsourced Command Center Operations
  • Cisco Physical Safety and Security Optimization Service.
    • Achieve operational excellence through ongoing improvements. The optimization service enhances performance and increases operational efficiency through ongoing analysis and recommendations, support services and continuous learning
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