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Media Processing Services (Cisco)

Cisco® Media Processing Services are designed to help today's businesses meet their diverse and demanding video requirements. Cisco Media Processing platforms support advanced features for video productions and extend the reach of collaboration with high-definition interoperability.

  • The Cisco Media Experience Engine (MXE) 3500 allows you to share media across your network from any source to any type of endpoint and enables your in-house video team to perform many of the expensive processing tasks that are normally outsourced to video professionals
  • The Cisco Media Experience Engine (MXE) 5600 encompasses capabilities of other product categories such as transcoders, media gateways, and MCUs in order to connect multiple video applications together and add value to the media being processed. The Cisco MXE 5600 is commonly used as a gateway for Cisco TelePresence™ interoperability with H.323 video conferencing systems.
Cisco Media Processing Services can help maximize the effectiveness of your media processing platform to meet your specific application needs. Cisco engineers, experienced in both network design and video applications, will work with your staff to understand your business and technical requirements, as well as existing video infrastructure, applications, interoperability, and production needs.


  • Cisco Media Processing Services help you maximize your investment in a Cisco MXE 3500 or Cisco MXE 5600 platform: 
  • Reduce risk and accelerate the successful implementation of your media processing solution by using Cisco best practices 
  • Plan and implement video solutions with minimal effect on internal resources and maximum return on investment 
  • Design a solution for your requirements today and the ability to integrate new media applications in the future

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