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Digital Media Services (Cisco)
  • Prepare Services
    • Business Requirements Gathering 
      End user service requirements will be identified, categorized and assessed in terms of availability, capacity and security.
    • High Level Design Development
      Digital Media System Solution products, features, and functionalities that meet business and technical requirements will be presented in a documented high-level design. 
  • Planning Services 
    Assess readiness to support proposed solution
    • Architecture Validation
      Verify that your network architecture meets your solution requirements, design objectives, and future growth plans. 
    • Cisco Digital Media for Signage Readiness Assessment Service
      Effectively deploying a Digital Media solution helps you to protect your network investment, optimize network operations, and prepare the network for new applications to meet your business objectives. 
    • Project Management
      Development of project management plan, management of deployment project throughout its lifecycle, and creation of plan deliverables.
  • Design Services
    Create a detailed design to address business and technical requirements 
    • Detailed Design Development 
      Provides a comprehensive, implementation-ready system design for a secure network that will scale to take advantage of Digital Media System innovations.
    • Implementation Plan Development
      Provides a project plan for the implementation of network equipment and applications. Comprehensive planning and scheduling in a structured manner are required to minimize risk and reduce costly delays.
  • Implementation Services 
    Deploy new technology
    • Pilot or Production Implementation
      Cisco engineers create an implementation project plan and test plan, and then execute the tests to verify the implementation meets expectations. 
    • System Ready for Use Validation
      Performs system-level acceptance testing at the end of implementation. 
    • Knowledge Transfer
      Dedicated training to system managers and help-desk personnel on a variety of topics including Digital Media System software, hardware configuration, video storage, and video management.

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