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Cisco SAN Optimization Service (Cisco)

The Cisco SAN Optimization Service helps speed identification and resolution of SAN issues after initial deployment. Ongoing support focused on operational and SAN enhancements helps you make sure of optimal SAN performance in a dynamic environment.

Performance and Validation Testing: The Cisco Data Center Optimization Service also includes a performance and validation testing option that gives you access to Cisco subject matter experts in data center architecture design and testing and lets you build customized test systems that include virtually any product in the Cisco portfolio, as well as products from other vendors, so that you can validate your solution end-to-end.

The Cisco SAN Optimization Services is available as a standalone service or as part of the Data Center Optimization Service.

Deliver a Consistently High Level of SAN Performance and Support Growing Information Management Needs

Maintaining an efficient storage area network (SAN) infrastructure is critical to sustaining business agility as your information resources grow and your business needs change. An efficient SAN can provide the reliability, availability, and consistent performance that SAN applications need to operate with high performance and availability. Ongoing SAN operations that are not optimized to align with business growth can result in lower availability, poor performance, and corrupted data.

The Cisco® SAN Optimization Service helps you optimize a SAN infrastructure based on the Cisco MDS platform. Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switches use multiple layers of intelligence to consolidate SAN islands into a secure, manageable solution that supports business continuance and disaster recovery for intelligent storage fabric applications. The service helps speed the identification and resolution of SAN issues after your initial SAN deployment. Through ongoing support focused on operational and SAN enhancements, we help you make sure of optimal performance of your SAN in a dynamic environment.


This Cisco SAN Optimization Service helps you deliver a high level of SAN performance and availability as your storage needs evolve. Plus the Cisco SAN Optimization Service helps you to:

  • Improve and update your SAN in response to changes in your IT infrastructure and business requirements
  • Effectively integrate changes in a multivendor solution by working closely with Cisco storage partners
  • Reduce the complexity and cost of ownership of your SAN
  • Enable more efficient use of existing resources by enhancing staff skills through customized, ongoing training and knowledge exchange with Cisco experts
  • Reduce the risks inherent in any change to your SAN infrastructure
  • Align your SAN deployment with your data center goals

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