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Cisco SAN Health Check Service (Cisco)
The Cisco® SAN Health Check analyzes your existing SAN environment as well as your business and operational requirements for your SAN. Unlike a pre-implementation assessment, this service provides assessments after implementation and migration have occurred to help ensure your entire SAN system is functioning as expected. Providing a long-term storage architecture plan, this service presents the potential next steps in the evolution of your Cisco MDS SAN infrastructure.

Determine How to Improve Utilization, Availability, and Security While Reducing Cost and Complexity

Organizations are increasingly looking for ways to reduce the cost of storing and managing data, while the volume of data that needs to be stored is growing exponentially. Inflexible and inefficient storage designs have resulted in very low utilization of resources. Through migration of older environments and consolidation of dispersed storage area network (SAN) islands, a significant improvement in utilization and availability and reduction in complexity can be achieved. The use of SAN security and SAN management best practices can enhance the security and manageability of the SAN infrastructure.

A thorough review of your existing SAN infrastructure can provide information on whether or not you are adhering to best practices, experiencing configuration issues, and predisposed to architectural bottlenecks.


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