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Data Center Optimization Service (Cisco)

Use its recurring analyses of the performance data and configurations from your network and data center devices to get a continuous strategic view of your data center environment.

  • Strategy and Architecture
  • Application Distribution and Delivery
  • Application Network Performance
  • Unified Computing Systems
  • Storage Area Networks
  • Unified Switching Fabric

Performance and Validation Testing: The Cisco Data Center Optimization Service also includes a performance and validation testing option that gives you access to Cisco subject matter experts in data center architecture design and testing and lets you build customized test systems that include virtually any product in the Cisco portfolio, as well as products from other vendors, so that you can validate your solution end-to-end.

Increase Agility and Performance with a Unified Systems Approach
Today’s business leaders are asking data centers to provide better responsiveness, energy efficiency, and performance than ever before, often with lower budgets and a shortage of qualified staff. This is an enormously difficult challenge because it requires data center managers to evaluate and address each of these factors across multiple technology components such as applications, compute platform, network infrastructure, and storage systems to create a comprehensive solution.

In an era when business demands and user expectations are both growing, data center managers need to evolve their data centers to support business growth, deliver next-generation services, and maintain a competitive advantage. Organizations often need to evolve their data centers by migrating to new IP services with converged data, voice, and video, all while efficiently scaling and deploying diverse and complex technologies such as virtualization. Without this evolution, the data center might not provide the capabilities needed to take full advantage of business opportunities and overcome technical challenges. Additionally, data center managers simply do not have the resources to treat each challenge and each technology component separately. Data centers need a more efficient operating model that views all resources as an integrated and unified entity, so targeted investments can add greater value across all business and technology areas.

All levels of data center functionality must be addressed and included in the master architecture plan. Data center managers must evaluate current designs to determine how to best virtualize and consolidate applications, servers, storage, and switching functions, while placing a continuing emphasis on maintaining a dynamic, flexible, and efficient data center environment.

The Cisco Data Center Optimization Service
Cisco can provide a uniquely holistic view of all your data center functional areas and their effects on operational management using virtualization and segmentation. The Cisco® Data Center Optimization Service takes advantage of this unified perspective to provide a set of activities for building a custom data center solution.

These activities will help guide you through the process of creating an end-to-end data center architecture that can quickly absorb technology innovations, meet your ongoing business needs, and reduce costs. Cisco consulting engineers provide this service using industry-leading tools and best-practice methodologies to mitigate implementation risks and accelerate your return on investment. They will review detailed design standards for your data center and evaluate the ability of your applications to meet your future requirements. Cisco also uses best-known methods, adopted internally and by our largest customers, as blueprints for success. Using those methodologies, Cisco will support you as we work through your data center initiatives. We will help you meet tight timelines and facilitate high availability and security as we mitigate risk through proactive recommendations, escalation support, and continuous learning.

The Cisco Data Center Optimization Service provides recurring analyses of the performance data and configurations from your network and your data center devices to give you a continuous, strategic view of your data center environment. Ongoing communication with Cisco experts will help keep you informed about new products and software features. Table 1 details the benefits offered by each Cisco Data Center Optimization Service category: Strategy and Architecture, Data Center Networking, Storage, and Unified Computing.



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