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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Planning and Design Service (Cisco)
Virtualize your infrastructure so you can realize the cost-savings of data center consolidation while delivering LAN-like performance to branch offices.

Reduce IT costs and increase application availability, scalability, and manageability with a virtualized desktop solution

Today’s IT organizations are struggling to reduce desktop costs while preserving access to applications and network resources. An increasingly popular solution is replacing the traditional desktop environment with a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). The VDI solution hosts virtual desktops in the data center which users access through physical end-point devices, providing end users a portable PC desktop experience. These end-point devices have a minimal software footprint, are less expensive, easier to administer, and more secure than traditional PCs. The true benefit of VDI, however, is that each virtual desktop becomes an end-point in the enterprise cloud. Moving desktops into the cloud architecture lets IT administrators deploy and provision new applications more quickly and extend application services to external parties while controlling access to sensitive resources.

A properly implemented VDI delivers an easily manageable, cost-effective desktop environment with reliable, LAN-like performance while providing data security and compliance. The challenges facing many organizations are the necessary resources and expertise to design a comprehensive desktop virtualization solution that integrates the network, data center, desktop computing, and storage infrastructures. Without proper deployment, desktop virtualization can impact response times and limit user productivity.

The Cisco Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Planning and Design Service provides the expertise to help you design and implement a reliable VDI solution that fits your IT strategy.

Planning and Design Are Fundamental to Success

During the Cisco Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Planning and Design Service, skilled Cisco data center architects will work with you to design a secure, end-to-end virtualization solution and develop a migration plan that facilitates rapid project implementation. The process includes evaluating desktop virtualization opportunities, assessing key applications for fit, developing an operationally viable strategy, creating a phased roadmap to implementation, and supporting you through design and deployment.

Integrating design, development, and deployment into a cohesive process managed by subject matter experts reduces the risk of design errors and costly migration delays. Subject matter experts also work with you to make sure that your deployment reduces operating costs, improves desktop management, and extends security and disaster recovery to your desktop environment. In the process, you will realize a better return on your IT infrastructure virtualization investments with the Cisco Unified Computing System™, Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS), and the Cisco Application Control Engine (ACE).

The Cisco Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Planning and Design Service complements the Cisco Datacenter Virtualization Strategy and Roadmap Service. Together, these services can help you accelerate virtualization deployment and realize the full potential of your desktop solution.

The Cisco Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Planning and Design Service consists of two components:

  • Cisco VDI Planning: Evaluates the consolidation and virtualization opportunities against your current desktop infrastructure and management systems to help you better understand the benefits and costs of migrating to a virtualized desktop infrastructure using Cisco and third-party virtualization technologies.
  • Cisco VDI Design and Implementation:Creates a high-level design for your desktop virtualization solution and a plan for your physical-to-virtual migration process involving complementary Cisco and third-party solutions.

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