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Cisco Tidal Training for Enterprise Scheduler - Advanced (Cisco)

Challenge: Achieve Optimum Return on Investment from Your Enterprise Scheduler Purchase

Giving your data center team the knowledge to be able to get the most out of Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler will positively affect your enterprise in a multitude of ways. This knowledge transfer allows your IT operations staff to manage their enterprise-wide workflows proactively and makes sure that they are highly responsive to service-level demands. When complex jobs are processed on time and in the right order, your overall profitability is positively affected, and understanding how to organize and manage jobs in these complex systems furthers this goal.

Solution: Advanced Job Scheduler Training

Typical attendees include IT professionals who need to build job streams with complex dependencies, command line automation, and intricate calendar schedules.

We recommend taking this course immediately following the successful completion of Cisco Tidal Training for Enterprise Scheduler— Intermediate.

Program Elements

Students will significantly increase their mastery of Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler by:

  • Creating complex calendars that include fiscal calculations
  • Using advanced event- and decision-based scheduling
  • Building ERP (SAP, PeopleSoft, and Oracle E-Business Suite), regular and secure FTP, and database jobs
  • Building jobs graphically with integrated business views
  • Managing maintenance of “outage windows” on critical application servers
  • Mastering the command line interface
  • Creating custom views in the scheduling console
  • Identifying and addressing system events
  • Learning to manage the intricacies of application-level security
  • Working with users and workgroups

Primary Deliverables

  • Complete training manual and lab guide
  • Certificate of completion

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