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Cisco Services for IPS (Cisco)
As an integral part of the Cisco Self-Defending Network, Cisco Services for IPS protects and enhances the effectiveness of the Cisco Intrusion Prevention System. It provides frequent threat protection updates and Cisco SMARTnet support in one comprehensive service offering. Supported by the Cisco Global Security Intelligence organization, Cisco Services for IPS delivers continuously updated, comprehensive, and accurate detection technology to identify and block fast-moving and emerging threats before they damage your computing assets. 

Cisco Services for IPS provides: 

  • Frequent IPS intelligence, signature, and detection engine updates from Cisco Global Security Intelligence Engineering provide up-to-the-minute threat and vulnerability protection
  • Cisco Global Correlation and Reputation filtering that improves the accuracy of threat recognition and blocking, and overall IPS effectiveness
  • Access to Cisco IntelliShield Search Access feature for detailed research on the latest threats and vulnerabilities correlated with IPS signatures
  • Ongoing Cisco IPS operating system software updates and upgrades for improved security, performance and device management
  • Around-the-clock global access to the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC)
  • Access to the extensive knowledge base and tools
  • Advanced hardware replacement (ranging from next-business-day parts replacement to around-the-clock, 2-hour parts replacement with on-site field engineering support)

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