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Cisco High-Touch Technical Support Service (Cisco)
Network stability and reliability are critical to business success. When implementing advanced technologies or making business changes that instigate network changes, your network operations staff faces new challenges every day in its efforts to deliver consistent service. Whether issues that arise are benign or serious enough to cause an outage, they must be assessed and resolved as quickly as possible. Understanding the effects an incident might have on all the devices and applications running on your network, however, is extremely challenging, especially in large, heterogeneous network environments that support increasingly complex services and applications.

With the Cisco® High-Touch Technical Support Service, you have access to a team of highly skilled, senior-level network specialists who are familiar with your networking environment. Cisco High-Touch Technical Support Service engineers provide the personalized assistance and expertise your business needs, when you need it. Receiving this level of support can help speed issue resolution and minimize network downtime.

Cisco High-Touch Technical Support Service

The Cisco High-Touch Technical Support Service is a premium service that provides you with priority access to a designated team of Cisco support engineers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.1 This team is exceptionally skilled at responding to the critical business needs of high-profile organizations and is available only to Cisco High-Touch Technical Support Service customers.

The Cisco High-Touch Technical Support team strives to cultivate a close working relationship with you. This relationship helps the team better understand your network’s operational procedures, past problems, and present concerns. The team has instant access to your business operations information, which is stored in a customer information database. This information aids your support engineers in resolving your network issues more quickly and more efficiently than other technical assistance support can. The high-touch technical support engineer often works with the same customer on a regular basis and becomes very knowledgeable about your network and business environment, providing a more personalized and consistent support.  The end results are faster resolution of network issues, improved availability of your essential business systems, and increased overall productivity.

The Cisco High-Touch Technical Support Service is available worldwide. To obtain the most current availability status, contact your Cisco service account manager. 

The Cisco High-Touch Technical Support Service is the second of three service levels included in Cisco Focused Technical Support Services. Each level offers increasingly personalized attention and service. Purchase of the Cisco High-Touch Technical Support Service requires the purchase of the Cisco High-Touch Operations Management Service. A valid Cisco SMARTnet® or Cisco SP Base support contract on all network equipment is required.

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