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Cisco SP Base and SP Base Onsite (Cisco)
Cisco SP Base

Designed to Meet the Needs of Service Providers From common network issues to complex network problems, Cisco SP Base helps improve network availability as well as reduce security and downtime risks for systems running mission critical applications by delivering:

  • Rapid problem resolution with around-the-clock, global access to the Cisco TAC
  • Registered access to for powerful online tools and information
  • Hardware replacement options include Advance Replacement (2-hour, 4-hour, Next Business Day) as well as Return to Factory and Return for Repair
  • Ongoing system software updates that enable you to evolve your network to ever-changing business needs and increase the return on your hardware investment
  • Cisco OS software support to extend the life of your Cisco devices with improved security, increased performance, bandwidth management, new protocol support, and greater interoperability 

Cisco SP Base Onsite

Supports Your Needs Cisco SP Base Onsite includes all the benefits of Cisco SP Base plus the added assurance of a trained field engineer to install replacement parts at your location. Cisco SP Base Onsite implements Cisco technology expertise and practices to help ensure that your network operates at the highest levels.

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