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Cisco Unified Contact Center Optimization Service (Cisco)
Customer needs and service expectations are continuously changing. IT departments and customer care management are under constant pressure to help ensure maximum performance of contact center operations to keep up with new business and service goals. A truly dynamic contact center is constantly being evaluated to improve operations efficiency and effectiveness. The Cisco Unified Contact Center Optimization Service helps identify the right changes to optimize new or existing contact center solutions.

Enhance Operations for Increased Return on your Contact Center Investment

The contact center is a cornerstone of successful customer interactions. Operation can affect every metric from revenue to retention. The Cisco Unified Contact Center Optimization Service reviews the important aspects of your contact center to achieve the highest possible value to your company. This service will help you:

  • Align business requirements and adapt your contact center solution to meet evolving business needs
  •  Prepare for new capabilities and upgrades by identifying software releases or revisions that might improve contact center operations
  •  Improve availability by assisting with change management and escalation of contact center issues to determine resolution and prevent similar issues in the future
  •  Enhance operational efficiency by taking advantage of knowledge transfer and mentoring to help your IT staff better manage and maintain your Cisco Unified Contact Center system
Align Your Contact Center Business Strategies with Your Customers Needs

  • Architecture design review: As business objectives change to keep pace with customer demands and new market initiatives, your contact center's underlying architecture must also adapt. Assessing your contact center architecture design allows you to identify gaps in capabilities and recommend the changes required to realign your contact center architecture.
  •  Scripting design review: Takes a fresh look at select call flows and scripts, compare them against industry leading practices, and recommend design changes. Script design workshops help your team improve script development and consistency.
  •  Contact Center reports development: Business changes will require the creation of new reports or changes to existing reports on agent productivity, the quality of contact center operations, and system performance. This service will help design and develop reports based on leading practices and train your team to prepare and support these reports.
  • Business management transformation evaluation: Gain an accurate view of your contact center using a baseline maturity model. A baseline evaluation highlights the goals and measurements to transform your contact center to enhance customer interactions and business performance. The evaluation encompasses a wide variety of attributes, including agent capabilities, customer self-service, and your business operation management model.

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