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Cisco Mobile Wireless Transport Manager (Cisco)
Cisco Mobile Wireless Transport Manager provides monitoring and management capabilities for the Cisco RAN Optimization Solution for GSM and UMTS Backhaul, Cisco IP RAN solutions, Cisco IP Transfer Point (ITP) networks and Cisco Mobile Internet solutions. Cisco Mobile Wireless Transport Network addresses the element-management requirements of mobile operators and provides fault, configuration, and troubleshooting capabilities.

  • Performs real-time updates of any system changes like inventory, events, and performance counters
  • Accelerates time to service by providing GUI-based editing
  • Allows the operator to immediately view events from the Cisco RAN Optimization solution, Cisco IP RAN, Cisco ITP networks and Cisco Mobile Internet solution
  • Improves network serviceability by allowing operators to proactively assess the readiness and general health of network elements
  • Enables easier network problem identification and troubleshooting
  • Provides northbound Extensible Markup Language (XML) APIs
  • Helps maintain system integrity by preventing accidental or malicious operations from unauthorized users

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