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The Dell M1000E Blade platform with the high performance Cisco InfiniBand switches provides greater productivity and reduces total cost of ownership for high performance clusters by providing low latency and high throughput blade switch solution.

Blade server platforms and Blade switches demonstrate their value in a high performance cluster by:

  • Reducing cable complexity
  • Using space more effectively
  • Using energy resources more efficiently
  • Providing higher availability and resilience

Cisco brings unparalleled price performance with an InfiniBand switch solution for the Dell M1000E blade platform. The Cisco SFS M7000E Switch supports dual-speed, 4x double data rate (DDR) and single data rate (SDR) interfaces that deliver 20Gbps and 10 Gbps respectively, per port.

The low latency and high bandwidth offered by the Cisco SFS M7000E InfiniBand Switch enables the Dell M1000E blade platform to host the most demanding distributed applications and helps deliver competitive advantage for customers.

Cisco SFS M7000E InfiniBand Switch (Cisco)
View Details Dell M1000E blade server customers will find that the Cisco SFS M7000E switch delivers an ideal combination of price and performance.

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