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Product Catalog: Cisco: Cloud and Systems Management: Network Analysis Module (NAM) Products
Efficiently Deliver Applications

Ensure the effective delivery of applications and services in complex IT environments where reliable application performance is vital to business success.

The Cisco Network Analysis Module (NAM) family of products improves visibility into network performance to help you manage and improve application delivery. This portfolio includes both integrated services modules and self-contained appliances to give you the flexibility to choose the NAM that's right for your needs.

Cisco NAMs can help you:
  • Improve performance by identifying applications and services that would benefit from Cisco control and optimization mechanisms
  • Increase the operational efficiency of your networks, servers, and applications with advanced troubleshooting and management
  • Preempt performance issues with threshold-based alerts
  • Quantify the "before and after" of a business change on application and network performance
Cisco Network Analysis Module (NAM) Blades
The Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Network Analysis Module (NAM-3) brings application visibility to high-performance enterprise campus, WAN, and data center networks.
Cisco Prime Network Analysis Module (NAM) Appliances
Cisco Prime NAM 2300 Series Appliances offer multi-dimensional perspective into the network to help identify applications running on the network, how are they performing
Cisco Prime Network Analysis Module (NAM) Virtual Appliances
Cisco Prime Virtual NAM (vNAM) offers outstanding deployment flexibility.
Cisco Prime Network Analysis Module (NAM) Virtual Blades
Manage Application and Service Delivery