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A LAN switch, also known as an Ethernet switch or data switch, is the basic building block of today’s IT infrastructure. As application performance, support, and scalability become more critical for business success, a reliable LAN switch becomes more important.

Technologies used for real-time collaboration applications, such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and Telepresence, require LAN switch networks to provide reliable, intelligent, high-speed connectivity among users, applications, and communication systems.

A Cisco Catalyst LAN switch can enhance your network in several ways:

  • Integrate security to protect, mitigate, and recover from network attacks
  • Ensure network availability to maximize uptime and deliver steady support for real-time applications
  • Simplify management of network switches to facilitate network configuration, troubleshooting, and management and reduce operating costs
  • Optimize application performance to deliver high-performance connectivity for voice and data communications and make the network more adaptable
  • Provide a wide range of models (including stackable, standalone, and modular) and technologies, including 10 Gigabit Ethernet, application acceleration, and firewall or intrusion detection system (IDS)
Cisco Edge Series
Cisco Edge Series all-in-one devices deliver consolidated computing, wired and wireless access, and full media connectivity.
Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed Switches
Cisco Redundant Power Systems
Keep Your Mission-Critical Network Running
Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series Switches (Cisco)
View Details Simple to Configure, Operate, and Manage

View Details
Cisco Catalyst 2960-Plus Series Switches (Cisco)
View Details Lower TCO with Fast Ethernet Access

View Details
Cisco Catalyst 2960-S Series Switches (Cisco)
View Details Improve Application Delivery and Productivity

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Cisco Catalyst 2960-SF Series Switches (Cisco)
View Details Cost-Effective Connectivity

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Cisco Catalyst 2960-X Series Switches (Cisco)
View Details Smart, Scalable, Cost-Effective Access Switches

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Cisco Catalyst 3560 Series Switches (Cisco)
View Details Improve Service and Security in Your LAN

View Details
Cisco Catalyst 3560-X Series Switches (Cisco)
View Details Improve Network Performance and Operational Simplicity

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Cisco Catalyst 3650 Series Switches (Cisco)
View Details Cisco Catalyst 3650 Series Switches are enterprise-class, stackable access switches that provide the foundation for full wired and wireless convergence on a single platform.

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Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series Switches (Cisco)
View Details Increase Network Resilience and Scalability

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Cisco Catalyst 3750-X Series Switches (Cisco)
View Details Increase Network Availability and Business Efficiency

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Cisco Catalyst 3850 Series Switches (Cisco)
View Details Unify Wired and Wireless Networks

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Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Switches (Cisco)
View Details Deploy Unified Access with a Modular Access Switch

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