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Product Catalog: Cisco: Cisco Interfaces and Modules: Cisco Security Modules for Routers and Switches
Defend Your Business Against Disruption

Develop a safe and secure network infrastructure by integrating security into the foundation of the network. With the Cisco Self-Defending Network strategy, adding security modules to routers and switches helps you defend critical business processes against attack and disruption, protect privacy, and comply with regulations.

Cisco 7600 Series/Catalyst 6500 Series IPSec VPN Shared Port Adapter (Cisco)
View Details Enables simplified deployment of secure campus, provider-edge, VPN termination, and secure converged network services, such as voice over IP (VoIP) and storage area networks, by integrating encryption, authentication, and integrity to network services.

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Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series VPN Services Port Adapter (Cisco)
View Details Deliver High-Performance Encryption Services

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Cisco VPN Acceleration Module 2+ (Cisco)
View Details The Cisco VAM2+ features hardware acceleration for Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)128, 192 and 256-bit key sizes, Data Encryption Standard (DES), and Triple DES (3DES), providing increased performance for site-to-site and remote-access IPSec VPN services.

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Cisco VPN Services Adapter (Cisco)
View Details The Cisco VPN Services Adapter (VSA) for Cisco 7200 Series Routers

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