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Product Catalog: Cisco: Services: Technical Services
Cisco Technical Services help to ensure that your Cisco products and network operate efficiently and benefit from the most up-to-date system and application software. Cisco offers a flexible suite of support services designed to meet your business needs and assist you in effectively managing network services required to maintain high-quality network performance while controlling operational costs.
Cisco Application Support
Application support services are essential to keeping these business-critical applications available, secure, and operating at optimal performance.
Cisco Focused Technical Support Services
Deliver the premium service needed to manage large or sophisticated Cisco networks critical to business operations.
Cisco SMARTnet Service (Cisco)
View Details An award-winning technical support service that gives you direct, anytime access to Cisco engineers.

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Cisco SP Base and SP Base Onsite (Cisco)
View Details Designed to Meet the Needs of Service Providers

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Cisco Security IntelliShield Alert Manager Service (Cisco)
View Details Provides a comprehensive, cost-effective solution for delivering the intelligence that organizations need to identify, prevent, and mitigate IT attacks

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Cisco Services for IPS (Cisco)
View Details Protect Your Security Investments

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Cisco Smart Care Service (Cisco)
View Details Helps differentiate the partner's business by providing actionable intelligence gained from secure visibility into all network performance

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Cisco Smart Foundation Service (Cisco)
View Details Provides the support that small businesses need to maintain network reliability and minimize business disruption

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