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Simplify Data Center Operations

As a successful strategy to deal with server sprawl, blade servers are playing a more prominent role in businesses' overall server strategy. It is important that blade servers have access to enterprise-class networking, including availability, performance, and end-to-end network services.

Built on market-leading hardware and software, the 10Gb Ethernet based Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3100 Series for Dell is specifically designed to meet the rigors of blade server application infrastructure. Specifically, it supports Dell blade servers in their new role by delivering scalable, high-performance, highly resilient connectivity while reducing server infrastructure complexity and total cost of ownership (TCO). For design flexibility, the Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3000 series offers cost-effective gigabit Ethernet connectivity with consistent Cisco features, functionality, support, and management.

Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3032 for Dell M1000E (Cisco)
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Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3130 for Dell M1000E (Cisco)
View Details The Cisco Catalyst Blade Server 3130 represents the next-generation networking solution for Dell M1000E blade server environments.

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