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Product Catalog: Cisco: Application Networking Services: Wide Area Application Services

Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) is a comprehensive WAN optimization solution that accelerates applications over the WAN, delivers video to the branch office, and provides local hosting of branch-office IT services. Cisco WAAS allows IT departments to centralize applications and storage in the data center while maintaining LAN-like application performance and provides locally hosted IT services while reducing the branch-office device footprint.

Cisco WAAS helps organizations to accomplish these primary IT objectives:

  • Application acceleration: Improve productivity of remote employees.
  • IT consolidation and WAN optimization: Minimize branch IT costs.
  • Branch IT agility: Respond rapidly to changing business needs.
  • Simplified data protection: Ease compliance and business continuity.

Unlike other WAN optimization products, the Cisco WAAS solution offers the following unique advantages:

  • Validated by application vendors with proven designs that lower risk
  • Integrated into your network to simplify network operations and management
  • Reduced ownership costs through smaller device footprints and ease of deployment
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