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Product Catalog: Cisco: Cloud and Systems Management: Routing and Switching Management
Fulfillment Products
Network Management Solutions
Cisco Active Advisor (Cisco)
View Details Simplified Network Discovery and Life Cycle Management

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Cisco Active Network Abstraction (Cisco)
View Details Complete Network Management

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Cisco Configuration Engine (Cisco)
View Details Simplify Router and Switch Deployments

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Cisco Configuration Professional (Cisco)
View Details Simplify Router Deployment and Management

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Cisco Multicast Manager (Cisco)
View Details Monitor and Troubleshoot Multicast Networks

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Cisco NetFlow Generation 3000 Series Appliances (Cisco)
View Details Cisco Network Generation Appliance (NGA) establishes a new standard for high-performance and cross-device flow visibility, targeting data center deployments.

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Cisco Network Assistant (Cisco)
View Details Intuitive, Centralized Network Management

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Cisco Prime LAN Management Solution (Cisco)
View Details Simplifying the Management of Borderless Networks

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Cisco Prime Network (Cisco)
View Details Cost-effective Management for Complex Networks

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Cisco Software Activation on Integrated Services Routers (Cisco)
View Details Cisco Integrated Services Routers Generation 2 (ISR G2), built for the next wave of branch office evoluti

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IBM Tivoli Netcool for Cisco Prime (Cisco)
View Details IBM Tivoli Netcool for Cisco Prime provides a high-performance, distributed, and integrated client-server system for alarm and event management from diverse sources, including many different vendor products and standard management platforms.

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